Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Any child may need special help at some point in their schooling. This may be because of physical, learning or behavioural issues and may be long or short term. We strive to provide inclusive support for all children to allow full access to the curriculum.


To help achieve this we have an appointed SEND Coordinator (SENDCo), SEND teachers and SEND teaching assistants working throughout the school, who teach and support children with special educational needs and disabilities. Our SENDCo also acts as a liaison with specialist services such as occupational therapists and speech therapists.


We are currently working on a new SEND policy and supporting documentation and procedures that reflect the coming together of Cheam Park Farm Infants and Cheam Park Farm Junior to form Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy. In the meantime you can read the current documentation for the former separate schools below.


Cheam Park Farm Infants


Cheam Park Farm Infants School SEND Policy (PDF 267kb)


Cheam Park Farm Infants Local Offer (PDF 128kb)


Cheam Park Farm Infants Accessibility Plan (PDF 100kb)

Inclusion Report to Governors – June 2017


Cheam Park Farm Junior


Cheam Park Farm Junior SEND Policy (PDF 142kb)


Cheam Park Farm Junior SEN information report 2015/16 (PDF 83kb)