What is the Governing Body?

The Governing Body plays a key role in helping Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy provide the best possible education for all its pupils. It works strategically in the background, leaving day to day running of the school to the Headteacher and staff, and is accountable to parents and the wider community to ensure that standards are of the highest quality.


The Governing Body decides strategic policy for the school, monitors progress, sets budgets in liaison with the Education Funding Agency at the DfE and supports and advises those who carry out specific work. It is made up of a combination of appointed, elected and co-opted members. The composition of the Governing Body is set out in the LEO Trust’s Scheme of Delegation and consists of parents, staff and community governors.


The Governing Body does not take all decisions but delegates much of its responsibility to committees. At Cheam Park Farm Primary these are the Curriculum and Achievement Committee and the Resources Committees. Various panels deal with other issues, such as staff pay, pupil exclusions and admissions. Committees meet in a termly cycle, and report to the Full Governing Body meeting. Individual governors accept specific responsibilities, which sometimes involve representing the Governing Body on borough-wide organisations.


Governors usually serve a term of four years and provide their services in an unpaid capacity. The work requires commitment but is extremely rewarding. Membership is constantly changing through the expiry of terms of office and resignations forced by individual circumstances. We strongly encourage parents to consider putting their names forward for this worthwhile role. When a parent governor vacancy occurs, invitations to self-nominate are sent out with an election being held if there are more candidates than the number of vacancies.


The school buys into a training and support package for all governors (including advisors and clerks for governing body meetings). In addition, governors attend internal training sessions at the school and independent training through various organisations.



The Curriculum and Achievement Subcommittee is responsible for ensuring good and improving standards of teaching, learning, progress and achievement in the school. We do this by monitoring the running of the curriculum, monitoring progress and overseeing changes and approving or amending relevant policies.


Resources Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring the needs and resources of the school with regard to finances, staffing and premises, including health, safety and security, repairs and maintenance, replacements and improvements. The committee considers priorities for refurbishment and improvements of the premises. It also has delegated responsibility for staff appointments and the oversight of the teaching staff’s performance management. The committee keeps constantly under review the staffing structure of the school. The Governing Body is responsible for determining how funds available to the school will be spent. This involves setting budgets, monitoring expenditure and actively seeking out additional sources of funding in the form of grants available from central government and elsewhere. These responsibilities are all delegated to this committee.



Below are statutory documents relating to the funding and governance of the LEO Academy Trust:


LEO Academy Trust Accounts 2015 (PDF 1mb)
LEO Academy Trust Articles of Association Document (PDF 293kb)


CPFI Value for Money statement (PDF 204kb)
CPFI Finance Accounts 2013/14 (PDF 11mb)
CPFI Finance Accounts 2014/15 – part 1 (PDF 4mb)
CPFI Finance Accounts 2014/15 – part 2 (PDF 7mb)


CPFJ Value for Money Statement (PDF 146kb)

CPFJ Finance Accounts 2014/15 (PDF 1mb)

Meet our Governors

Peter Cook


Mr P Cook

I have been a school governor for 20 years starting when my two children attended the school in the 1990s. I have served on all governors’ committees and am currently Chair of the Primary Academy.  I am a retired local government officer finishing my career in a regeneration department in an east London local authority. I now enjoy photography, gardening and, since retirement, not travelling daily on the Northern Line.

Mrs P Cooper


Mrs P Cooper

I have served on the Governing Body of the infants school for 14 years, the majority of that time as Vice Chair, and Chair of Curriculum and Achievement Committee. Both my sons attended Cheam Park Farm before going on to Cheam High School. My main areas of interest are literacy, SEND, safeguarding, curriculum development and admissions. Over the last few years I have also supported reading in Year 2 on a weekly basis and helped on school trips. Outside of school I work on a voluntary basis for a local Christian charity providing assemblies in primary schools in Sutton.



Mr T Hinks

I have lived on the Park Farm Estate for many years and have been associated with both schools for a number of years with children attending both schools. I initially became parent governor and took various positions on a number of committees, I then became a community governor and I was then elected Vice Chair of the Governing Body. I am also involved with a local scout troop and with two football clubs as a child welfare officer. I retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2008 and started working for Wandsworth Council where I am employed as an investigation and enforcement officer.

Mr S Ellingham


Mr S Ellingham

I have been a parent governor at Cheam Park Farm Infants School for over 10 years, with particular emphasis on resources, staff pay, selection and retention, conflict resolution. I have also delivered critical incident training to staff and governors. Having retired from the Metropolitan Police I now work for a charity that delivers classroom based workshops in schools designed to prevent and discourage children from engaging in harmful activity such as gang membership, inappropriate social activity, knife crime and use of social media. I have run a local church youth club for over 25 years and am committed to helping children achieve their full potential.

Miss S Platt


Mrs S Jackson

I have worked in the local area for almost 25 years running a local dance school – initially teaching a wide range of students and then managing a team of staff. I was a parent governor at the infants school for four years. During this time I have undertaken a wide range of training courses and have enjoyed serving on the committees for Curriculum and Achievement, and Children, Families and Community. I believe passionately that every child should be offered the best opportunities possible in school, regardless of ability and circumstances, both in traditional education and extracurricular experiences.

Mr S Fuard


Mr S Fuard

I joined the board of governors at the school at the end of 2013 as a community governor. Since joining I have served various committees including Standards and Resources. I currently work as a director of a property development company and prior to that have worked in various countries as a television producer and executive specializing in factual programming. I hold a masters degree in film and television from Bournemouth University.

Mrs D Harris


Mrs D Harris

I’ve been a governor at the school for over four years serving on the Standards Committee and as literacy governor. Most recently I’ve been working with the Learning Council at the Kingston Avenue site looking at ways of getting the children to read more for pleasure. My work in a multinational FTSE 100 FMCG company ensures that I can bring the best business practice into the school and help to maintain the very high standards that the school already has. Outside of work and school, my interests are painting, walking and socialising with family and friends.

Mr K Wincott


Mr K Wincott

I have been a governor at the Infant school for over 10 years. My daughter now 15, attended both the infants and junior school and as Group Scout Leader I have a keen interest in children’s development. I originally joined the Governing Body as a parent governor and then as a community governor. I have served on the Resources Committee utilising the 32 years’ experience I have in financial services.



Mrs D Haddock 

I have a love of the area and recognise how fortunate we are to have so much protected green space. I have taken part in many short courses in ecology, environmental issues and matters of interest and pertinence to my work both at school and the church. I have been a teaching assistant for over 20 years, having started at Cheam Park Farm Infants. My role at Cheam Park Farm Primary is to take children outside for Forest School. As a governor I enjoy working to help the school take further steps forward and contributing to the the good work of the board in upholding the school’s reputation.

Mrs S King


Mrs S King

I have worked at Cheam Park Farm Infants for ten years as both a part time and full time teacher. As a local resident I also have knowledge of issues which affect the school community. I have served on the Governing Body of Cheam Park Farm Infants as a staff governor and previously as a parent governor at a local primary school. I have sat on the Curriculum Committee where I have been able to give explanations and insights behind the data. My experience enables me to confidently review and develop policies. I have been involved in the school becoming an academy and primary school.

Mrs A Day


Mrs A Day

I have been teaching for 30 years and have a passion  for ensuring that every child receives the support and challenge they require to achieve well at school and have opportunities which enable them to become well rounded, happy children.

After completing a maths and psychology degree I began my career in Birmingham and then moved to a first school in Merton in 1988; in 2003 I took up my first headship in Sutton and moved to Cheam Park Farm Infants School as head in 2007. In 2010 the school gained the Outstanding grade in Ofsted and much work has been carried out to maintain the standards which would ensure it remained at that level if or when Ofsted comes to visit again. Cheam Park Farm Infants initially converted to a single academy and then through discussion with the governors joined LEO Academy Trust in September 2017 when it also amalgamated with Cheam Park Farm Junior Academy to become Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy.

Throughout my career I have served on a number of committees and boards supporting joint working with other local schools. In 2015-2016 I was able to support the work of Sutton LA  as the interim head of school and support services.

In my leisure time I enjoy long distance walking, travel, socialising with family and friends, cooking and visiting the cinema and  theatre.

Mrs S Moylan


Mrs S Moylan

Mrs B Duddy


Mrs B Duddy

Governors’ roles, responsibilities and attendance

Each year we publish the roles and responsibilities of governors and the committees they sit on, as selected by the Governing Board.


Download the Governing Board structure and committees – 2016/17 (PDF 122kb)


We also publish each year the number of meetings each governor has attended. This information for the Governing Board of Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

.Governors Responsibilities and Attendance Record 2016 – 17


You can also see below the governors’ attendance record for the previous academic year:

Cheam Park Farm Infants School governors attendance record 2015/16:

Term End
Other responsibilities
Meetings attendance
Mr L Bell Parent 07/07/19 Resources 3/6
Mr P Cook Member/Director 30/09/17 Chair Children, Families and Community, Curriculum and Achievement,  Resources 6/6
Mrs P Cooper Member/Director 30/09/17 Vice Chair Curriculum and Achievement, Resources 6/6
Mrs J Crowhurst Director 10/11/17 Children, Families and Community, Curriculum and Achievement 5/6
Mrs A Day Headteacher Headteacher Children, Families and Community, Curriculum and Achievement,  Resources 6/6
Mr S Ellingham Member/Director 07/07/19 Resources 6/6
Mrs S King Staff/Director 09/10/16 Children, Families and Community, Curriculum and Achievement 6/6
Mrs S Moylan Staff/Director Chief Finance Officer/ Company Secretary Children, Families and Community, Resources 6/6
Miss S Platt Parent/Member/ Director 30/09/16 Children, Families and Community, Curriculum and Achievement 6/6
Mrs S Westbrook Parent/Director 05/02/16 Children, Families and Community, Resources 6/6
Mr K Wincott Member/Director 30/09/17 Chair Resources 6/6

Cheam Park Farm Junior Academy governors attendance record 2015/16:

Term End
Other responsibilities
Meetings attendance
Cllr A Davey Community 01/01/20 Personal Development, Behaviour, Welfare 2/2
Mr S Fuard Community 01/01/20 Teaching, Learning and Assessment 2/2
Mrs L Gingell Community 01/01/20 Personal Development, Behaviour, Welfare 2/2
Mrs D Harris Community 01/01/20 Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Outcomes for learners 2/2
Mr P Hedger Headteacher/Executive Headteacher 2/2
Mrs J Saddington Community 01/01/20 Chair Leadership and Management and Safeguarding, Inclusion 2/2
Mrs M Young Staff 01/01/20 Outcomes for learners 2/2
Mrs D Haddock Staff 01/01/20 Personal Development, Behaviour, Welfare 2/2
Vacancy Parent
Vacancy Parent