Working in Partnership


We value the importance of staff career professional development and look to work in partnership with other schools and outside agencies to share good practice. By doing so we develop our teachers and school leaders, both in the present and also for the future. We recognise the importance of succession planning and developing a new generation of school leaders.


Since September 2010 we have been working in partnership with the National College for Teaching and Leadership as a ‘leadership development school’. We host trainee headteachers on the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) programme during their alternative school placement, allowing them to develop leadership and management skills alongside our own senior leadership team and governing body.


From September 2013 we have also been a part of the Challenge Partners programme and are a member school in the hub led by Belleville Primary in Wandsworth. Challenge Partners is a collaborative research-focused group of schools at various points in a journey towards excellence. As a part of the group, we share the belief that we have a moral commitment to ensure that we maximise the life chances of all our children and, through collaborative learning, ensure that each generation of children achieves more than the one before.


We also work in partnership with Belleville Teaching School to deliver School Direct initial teacher training placements at our school. Sutton College work with us to provide learning loans for our students. Sutton College also regularly meet with us to provide support and advice.


We also work within the community with various local agencies and groups. For for information see Working with the community.

Network of Excellence


The school also uses its position as a Challenge Partner school to monitor, evaluate and improve all that it does. Challenge Partners is formed around a cohort of headteachers and schools focused on improving the quality of teaching and leadership, leading to school improvement and better outcomes for children and young people.


We recognise that no school has all the answers, and all have capacity to improve, even those at the top. Our aim is to provide a vehicle for schools that wish to retain their individuality yet learn from the best of their peers. Challenge Partners facilitates a menu of differentiated learning activities to drive improvement, available to all schools:


Whole school improvement

  • School-to-school mentoring from national support schools (NSSs)
  • Coaching from local and national leaders of education (LLEs/NLEs) and specialist leaders of education (SLEs)
  • Access to high quality programmes such as ‘Good to Great’


Teacher development

  • Specific programmes aimed at improving the quality of teaching and learning, including the Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP)


Outstanding practice sharing

  • Programmes and peer support on specific areas including all subjects on the curriculum and topics such as behaviour, early years, inclusion and special education needs (SEN)
  • Our programme of peer review is also a key driver


Narrowing the gap

  • Programmes to reduce the disparity of the performance of looked after children and those on free school meals