A school travel plan (STP) is a document that shows how we encourage the whole school community to adopt safer and more sustainable ways of travel to and from school. It consists of annual surveys, consultation with children, parents, governors, staff and the local community, initiatives and activities that are embedded in our curriculum and part of our day to day school life.


The STP has three levels, bronze, silver and gold. On the Molesey Drive site we have held a gold (outstanding) travel plan for over six years having led our school community in numerous initiatives and campaigns. We have also decreased car usage over the past eight years and provide many opportunities to teach awareness of road safety and sustainable travel.


At the Kingston Avenue site we are proud to hold a sustainable travel award. We promote all forms of sustainable travel, including walking, cycling and coming to school on a scooter. We take an active part in the Walk Once a Week (WOW) initiative and our School Council and Eco Squad take part in borough wide activities to encourage us all to walk to school.


Our STPs have to be reviewed annually and the gold accreditation has to be reapplied for every three years. We are currently reviewing the school travel plan for both sites. In the meantime you can download our current plans any other supporting documents here:


Read our current School Travel Plan for the Molesey Drive site (PDF 329kb)


Read our current School Travel Plan for the Kingston Avenue site (PDF 268kb)


Read our current Safer Travel Plan Policy (PDF 139kb)


View our Molesey Drive site ‘Park and stride zone’ map (PDF 1.3mb)


As a family you can also sign our ‘Walking Pledge and Parking Commitment’ sets out a number of actions and activities you can participate in that will help keep the whole community safe. You can download, print and sign both parts of the pledge (PDF 129kb) and return one to the school. If you don’t have access to a printer, please ask for a copy at the school office.